Ever since the false flag terror attacks on 9/11, the local police and county sheriff's departments all over the country have been obtaining military style equipment from Homeland Security grants. The following law enforcement agencies across the country have armored vehicles:


Montgomery County Sheriff Dept


Buckeye Police Dept

Tucson Police Dept


Burbank Police Dept

Chino Police Dept

Corona Police Dept

Englewood Police Dept

Escondido Police Dept

FBI Los Angeles Office

Fairfield Police Dept

Huntington Park Police Dept

Inglewood Police Dept

Los Angeles Police Dept

Newport Beach Police Dept

Oakland County Sheriff’s Dept

Oakland Police Dept

Rialto Police Dept

Riverside County Sheriff’s Dept

San Diego Police Dept

Solano County Sheriff Dept

Stanislaus County Sheriff Dept

Wittier Police Dept


Boulder Police Dept

Colorado Springs Police Dept

Denver Police Dept

Federal Heights Police Dept

Ft. Collins Police Dept

Gilpin County Sheriff’s Dept

Larimer County Sheriff’s Dept


Delaware State Police


Lake County Sheriff Dept

Tampa Police Dept


Atlanta Police Dept

Cherokee County Sheriff Dept

Cobb County Sheriff Dept

Doraville Police Dept


State Police Dept


Chicago Police Dept


Indianapolis Police Dept


Cameron Parish Sheriff’s Dept

Lafayette Police Dept

Lake Charles Police Dept

State Police Dept


Montgomery County Sheriff Dept

Prince George County Sheriff’s Dept


Boston Police Dept

Framingham Police Dept

Middlesex County Sheriff’s Dept


DHS Detroit Office

Eastpointe Police Dept

FBI Detroit

Detroit Police Dept


St Paul Police Dept


Kalispell Police Dept

Yellowstone County Sheriff Dept


Henderson Police Dept


Possaic County Sheriff Dept


Santa Fe Police Dept


Rochester Police Dept

New York City Police Dept


Brevard Police Dept


Fargo Police Dept


Cleveland Police Dept


Eugene Police Dept

Oregon State Police Dept

Washington County Sheriff’s Dept


Bucks County Sheriff’s Dept

Pittsburgh Police Dept


Chattanooga Police Dept

Germantown Police Dept


Austin Police Dept

Baytown Police Dept

Dallas Police Dept (2 APCs)

El Paso County Sheriff’s Dept

Houston Police Dept (They also have a flying spy drone)

Longview Police Dept

San Antonio Police Dept

Woodway Police Dept


Oak Harbor Police Dept

Seattle Police Dept

Spokane Police Dept

Tacoma Police Dept


Campbell County Sheriff Dept

If you have been following Alex Jones, you know he has released the 4th video in his Police State series. In this video he shows the use of sound devices called LRAD during the G-20 summit meetings in Canada. The New York City Police & Pittsburgh Police Dept also has this sound device. In the video you will see that it is the police who are the aggressors. The demonstrators are not the aggressors. This video can be found on his website or on YouTube.

When the police protect these Globalists at their meetings, they are also just as guilty of violating the Logan Act as the people they are protecting by being an accessory to a crime.

What can we do to protect ourselves against these tactics if we want to demonstrate in a peaceful way?

Aggression: LRAD

Defense: Hearing Protection

Aggression: Mace

Defense: Full face shields or gas masks http://www.gasmasks.com

Aggression: A line of police advancing down a street, herding you away from the area.

Defense: Get into a building on the street until they go by. After they go by, come back out behind them and continue your peaceful demonstration.

Remember, NEVER be the aggressor. Videotape everything to expose what they are doing and who they are protecting. You have a right to free speech. Exercise that right in a peaceful way.

Another thing to consider are police checkpoints and roadblocks. It would be a good idea to have safety window film put on all of your vehicle windows in case a police officer wants to break your window to taze you for knowing your constitutional rights.

A good source for this is http://www.pimall.com/nais/bulletprooffilm.html

If you would like to get protective equipment that is equal to what the police use, you can look online for police supply companies.

Here are some tips in dealing with the police:

Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i8z7NC5sgik

Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=08fZQWiDVKE&feature=related

The Department of Homeland Security Magazine is also a good source of what’s coming down the road. Look in the Industry News section and the Tools & Technology Section of the magazine. It shows what the military industrial complex and the domestic spy agencies are doing and what their latest equipment is. Check the online back issues as well. A link to the magazine website is in the Recommended Reading List at the end of the book.

Also, seeing that the military are being ordered to ignore the Posse Commutates Act, we should watch them as well. Here is a good site: http://www.globalsecurity.org

Are you afraid of the police breaking into your house and snooping around without you there? Here is a device you could use. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YWjer8Fhzh0&feature=channel

I'm sure you also familiar with the Backscatter X-Ray vans. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jGAIJVk1028

If you would like to protect your privacy in your home, one thing you can do is to have your house resided, but have a thin (1/8 in) layer of lead between the house and the siding. That way children can't get to it and you still have your house protected against Big Brother trying to look into your house without a warrent.





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