After the Federal Reserve was established, the value of our money had gone down at a steady rate. It is still going down, because it was designed to do so.

Many programs have been established to fight the Fed. Most of the programs are not working simply because a lot of the public can't afford to participate in these programs. Or those who are too successful in these programs are raided and shut down, because the Fed views them as a threat.

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Let's go back in history. Money is a name given to a common medium of exchange for goods and services. Money doesn't do any good unless it is traded for something else. Everybody needs something. They usually spend money for it. What was used before people used money?

They bartered and traded their goods and services.

So, how do we fight the Federal Reserve in a way that they can't fight back? We cut them out of the equation by bartering and trading. If they want to make their money worth less and less, that's OK. They can keep their trash. We don't need it. We will just barter and trade.

If the Globalists want to control us by creating a cashless society, that's fine. We can show them how a cashless society really operates. We will barter and trade. The less you use the Federal Reserve notes, the less control the Federal Reserve has over you.

Where can we do this? This is not a complete list, but it is a good start.

Barter Group

Barter Qwest


Free World Market




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