LEVEL 0 – "Zombie/Slave" This is the default level of total ignorance at which 90% of the population operates.

GOVERNMENT They willingly give up their rights for privileges without even knowing the difference between the two. They submit to apparent authority without question.

HEALTH They have no idea of how Sodium Fluoride damages the Pineal Gland and kills stem cells in the brain They don’t know the dangers of GMOs in processed food.

LAWS They follow any law on the books without questioning the validity of it.

MEDIA They continuously believe everything the Main Stream Media says, without researching the facts.

MEDICAL They take vaccinations without researching what is in them. They take dangerous manmade psychotropic drugs just because a doctor told them to take them. They think natural cures are a scam.

MONEY They have no clue about how the currency systems truly operates

POLITICS They believe there actually is a difference between the Democrat and Republican parties.

RETAIL They repeatedly fall for all of the marketing tricks the advertisers and stores throw at them. They leave their trash in the shopping carts and do not return them for other people to use. They look at Black Friday as a major holiday.

SPORTS They view professional sports which such enthusiasm, that when they talk about a game with each other, they talk as if they actually were the ones playing it.

TECHNOLOGY These are the people I refer to as Techno-slaves. They need all the latest gadgets to do their thinking for them. If their cell phone rings, they feel they have to answer it or they will literally die, no matter where they are. They cannot drive their vehicle without having to talk on their cell phones.

They are the real victims of the public education system.

LEVEL 1 – "Awakened" This level is achieved when a person realizes something along the lines of "Hey, I’m living in a dream world. I’m being told lies at every turn. What is real? How can I know what is real?" This is where people start asking questions. 

LEVEL 2 – "Informed" A level 2 person is someone who has taught themselves a significant amount of real history and the way the world really works. This person will have knowledge of politics, psychology, world history, economics, natural health, the natural world (water, ecosystems, soils, etc.), basic anatomy, basic science and so on. Not even 1% of the population today qualifies as level 2. Most people operate in a state of wild ignorance of the world around them. 

LEVEL 3 – "Mastery" A level 3 person not only understands a great deal about the real world around them, they have also grasped ways to navigate through that world with great accomplishment and influence. They are innovators, creators and often communicators. Financial achievement is not the purpose here. Rather, it is achieving relevance in a world largely populated by utterly irrelevant people. Refuses to be an enabler. 

LEVEL 4 – "Enlightenment" This level is only achieved by those of the highest dedication to spiritual awakening. You would typically only find this level of understanding in people who pursue a lifetime practice of prayer, or transcendental meditation, or a similar spiritual practice. At this level of awareness, individuals become withdrawn from the material world and really have no interest in interacting with individuals of lower levels of awareness. Far less than one in a million human beings will ever achieve level 4 "Enlightenment." 

Just to review these levels again, here are some of the keywords and traits that typically relate to people of each level: 

Level 0 – "Zombie/Slave" – Football, sports scores, TV sitcoms, processed junk food, vaccinations, playing the lotto, following doctors’ orders, submitting to apparent authority, going along with the status quo. 

Level 1 – "Awakened" – Asks questions. Reads ingredients on foods. Questions their doctor. Watches documentaries instead of sports. Attempts to assess information and think rationally. Questions false authority. 

Level 2 – "Informed" – Reads books. Explores alternative information. Invests in self-education. Participates in activism. Seeks to make changes in the world around them. Speaks out with friends. Challenges people’s beliefs. Reflects on their own beliefs and is capable of adaptation. 

Level 3 – "Mastery" – Has great influence. Creates things. Innovates. Provides solutions. Invents new things. No television. No vaccines. No junk food. Has a very long-term perspective. Understands the "big picture." Seeks to help others. Has compassion for living things. Recognizes the web of life on our planet. 

Level 4 – "Enlightenment" – Realizes the great illusion of life. Embraces immortality of consciousness and the human spirit. Expresses compassion for others but not intervention. Never seeks to "change" others, only to invite them to expand their awareness. Recognizes interconnectedness of all life systems. Sees the human life experience in a humorous light. Is able to tap into higher consciousness. Rarely seeks fame and not interested in financial success. Often abandons all material wealth. 

Remember: The rigged systems in place today want to suppress your rise from Level 0 to Level 4. They wish to keep you as dumbed-down as possible so that you never become fully aware of what’s really happening around you. Only by refusing to participate in those systems do you have a real opportunity to move up the levels and achieve the only thing that really matters: High-level consciousness.

The path to true freedom begins with recognizing just how completely all the systems are rigged against you. Only from there can you withdraw your consent from the systems that are insidiously working to keep you sick, suppressed, impoverished and ignorant. From there, focus your power and your effort inward, asking self-empowering questions like how can I become better informed and educated? How can I gain new skills? How can I improve my health and set myself free from the medical enslavement system? In time, these questions will transform to more broad questions such as: How can I contribute something meaningful to the world? What can I do to serve in the defense of life and truth? How can I “awaken” others to this information?

Once you become familiar with the different levels, you will be able to see what level other people are on and deal with them accordingly.

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