There is a difference between food storage and food hoarding. Food storage is storing large amounts of food before a crisis, which is legal, and food hoarding is buying large amounts of food during a crisis, which is illegal.

This chapter will deal with food storage. Food storage is one of the best types of insurance policies anybody can do. I would recommend storing 1 years' worth of food for each member of your household.

Why food and why so much? Many reasons. If you lose your job, if there is a man-made or natural disaster in your area, if there is an economic meltdown. Under normal conditions, supermarkets have about 4 days worth of food. During a disaster, it will be less due to the public panicking and buying more than they usually buy.

One of the cheapest and most nutritious meats is rabbit.








Another way you can build your food storage is to grow a garden. With Monsanto making genetically modified foods and seeds, you should get non-GMO seeds at

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It would be a good idea to grow your garden in a greenhouse, due to all of the chem-trails being sprayed overhead these days. If you can't afford to buy a greenhouse, you can build one. You can find instructions on building one online, at the local library or bookstore. Check out

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