Communications is one of the key factors of a functioning society. With today's technology, the internet and telephone are 2 of the main forms of communications we use.

I'm sure you have heard or read of situations where the leader of a country shuts off communications to the rest of the world before committing some kind of atrocity on the citizens of that country.

With the internet and telephone being two of the main forms of communication in this country, we have to figure out a way to maintain communications if they get shut off for any reason.

Due to the large amount of information regarding alternative communications, I would suggest you read a book titled Spy Comm by Lawrence W. Myers.

For local communications, you can use dead drops. A dead drop is a location to secretly pass items between 2 or more people. Information about dead drops can be found at


One of the best places to use dead drops are in public places, like bookstores, libraries, etc.

Radio communications can also be used. For radio communications, there is a digital mode that can be used called Packet. It is most commonly used by amateur radio operators. Some police departments use a form of Packet between the dispatcher and the patrol officers. You can also use FRS radio, GMRS radio, CB, radio, MURS radio.


An email account can be used as a dead drop. By sharing the account password, members of the group could write messages for each other and save them as drafts, without leaving a permanent record by transmitting them.

Also, research Bulletin Board Systems

DVDs are another way of communicating. Recently, there have been rumors of the U.S. government considering shutting down "constoversial" websites. These websites are alternative news and online radio talkshows. Apparently, the globalists think too many people are learning the truth too fast.

If you think your website might be taken down, or know of a website that might be taken down, copy the info from that site(s) onto a DVD. DVDs hold more info than CDs. If that website does get taken down, just start making copies of the DVDs and pass them out to friends and family. Hold info exchange gatherings to exchange DVDs.

You are only limited by your own imagination.









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