A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. - 2nd Amendment

What do we do when they come for our guns?

Sometimes you have to take a step backwards in order to go forwards. So, when they come to take your guns, let them have them. What??!! Did you just say to give up your guns willingly? Yes and no.

Let me explain what I mean. GCA-68 is the Gun Control Act of 1968. In that law, there is a clause that states citizens can manufacture their own firearms without a license. A serial number is not required to be on any firearm they manufacture IF they manufacture the firearm for their own personal use. The clause also states that if they are not registered with the BATF, they cannot transfer ownership of the firearm to anybody. As long as they are not registered with the BATF, the BATF doesn't know they exist. They can't steal what they don't know exists.

So, I suggest that you make your own firearms before the gun grab happens. When the gun grab happens, we give the registered firearms to the grabbers and keep the ones we made.

How am I going to make my own guns? There is a little secret among gun owners called the 80% gun. 80% guns are lower receivers of AR-15, 1911 handguns and Aks that are only manufactured 80%. They are not considered a firearm up to this point. If the manufacturing process goes beyond 80%, it is legally considered a firearm.

You can Google 80% lower receiver to find who sells them and how to finish the process with a tabletop drill and a set of jigs.

Lower Recievers http://www.lowerreceivers.com

CnC Gunsmithinghttp://www.lowerreceivers.com/index1.html

Eformance Engineering

Colfax Tactical

UT Arms

M-16 Parts

If you want to protect your privacy even more, have a friend order the stuff for you.

It would also be a good idea to cache this homemade firearm away from your house. The reason for this is the police will probably be hiding behind a sealed warrant, and if they won't let you see it, you don't know where on your property they will look.

So, by taking a step backwards by giving them the guns they do know about, it keeps us out of jail so we can protect our families with the guns they don't know about.

For those of you who cannot own firearms, all is not lost. In the 6th edition of Black's Law Dictionary , the word arms is defined as “anything a man wears for his defense or takes in his hands as a weapon.” Sometimes in a defensive situation, a gun would make too much noise, so we use the quiet weapons. When I use the term “quiet weapons', I am referring to knives, swords, blowguns, baseball bats, crossbows, etc...

During the Feudal era of Japan, the government made it illegal for common folk to own swords. Only the upper class citizens, like the Samurai Warriors, could own swords. What did the common folk do? They improvised. They took common everyday hand tools and learned how to use them as weapons.

The main objective is a 2 part objective. (1) to have some sort of weapon to defend yourself and your family, and stay within the socialist regulations the government is imposing on us and (2) stay out of prison so you can do your best to keep your family safe if we have a total breakdown of society.

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